The Girl In Short Shorts Video

This short video, and yes, it is both a short video and a video about shorts, was created for  It features two-time Natural Ms. Olympia Nicole Castiglioni as the model. We shot it at Coronado, California, just a couple miles down the road from where U.S. Navy Seal candidates endure BUSDS and the infamous Hell Week.

I do a lot of work for Blessed, and the challenge is keeping the message focussed and meaningful to their customers. While many may assume a video of a very curvy and sexy booty in short shorts walking in slow motion along a beach might not connect for a lot of women, the data proves otherwise.

BlessedBodywear completely sold out of shorts within a couple of weeks of them posting this video.

In over 20 years as a photographer working almost exclusively with women, I have learned that women enjoy looking at sensuous and even sexy pictures of other women at a rate equal to or greater than men. The overwhelming majority of people that follow my work are women. There is, however, a very definite line that cannot be crossed, and success as a glamour photographer is knowing where that line is.

The images must focus on her strength, beauty, and sensuality in a way that emphasizes her being in control and valued, respected. When the imagery portrays her as marginalized, objectified, and devalued, those images are quickly identified as unappealing to most women.

In the end, some people won’t enjoy this video or many videos or images that portray women, or men, for that matter, as sexy, sensuous beings. It makes them feel uncomfortable or conflicts with their moral standard, and they have that right not to look. If you are a model with a social media account you have probably had complaints at some point about your content. We had them about this video.

My simple advice would be not to consume images and videos that one may find offensive. And do so for the same reason I don’t put hot sauce on my eggs; I’m not at all fond of it, so I don’t seek it out and consume hot sauce. It makes little sense for me to put hot sauce on my eggs, knowing full well I don’t like it just so that I can complain about how offensive hot sauce is after I consumed what I know offends me.

If you are a model, I urge you to create the art you have inside. When you put it into the public domain, a percentage will have a problem with it no matter what it is. Conversely, some will not. The only sure thing is that you will never please everyone. Make the art that you are proud of and the art that is inside of you. It’s art. It’s personal expression, and it’s your truth.

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