More Than Just A Pretty Face

Cassandra Lark is a stunning model. When she was in Las Vegas to shoot, I made the understandable mistake of assuming her arresting outer beauty was the most compelling thing she had brought to bear that day. I quickly learned otherwise when telling me she was a singer; I asked her to grace me with a tune while I was setting up lights.

So she did.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I stood mesmerized. She isn’t JUST a singer. She has a voice like honey, so addictive I can’t stop listening honey.

She recently came out with a new single then a couple of days ago released this remix. I won’t ask you to do me a favor, instead, do yourself a favor and give her a listen. If you are like me you will be an instant fan.

Click here to choose a platform to hear Cassandra’s latest release

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