Wise Beyond Her Years

Wisdom is a term we often associate with those souls whose time on earth is measured in decades rather than years. But this freshly minted eighteen-year-old is wise beyond her years. It’s not that Adryann Gent has done more that makes her unique; it’s her ability to draw so much value from the life experiences she has had. Package that with kindness, intelligence, humility, and a disarming sense of humor then adorn it with a gorgeous face and body, and you have a potential budding WPC superstar.  

This past spring Adryann graduated with an associate degree, just a few days apart from graduating high school. She was accepted to attend Brigham Young University, and she enrolled in summer classes to get a jump on her bachelor’s degree. You would think school was her thing, but Adryann admits that school is not easy for her. Her superior work ethic and positive attitude have been the foundation of her academic excellence. This young lady is committed to being the very best she can be in whatever endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Graduating and Graduating Again

“I graduated high school and my associate’s degree at the community college. My associate is just a general associate. I originally wanted to go into the fashion merchandising field and was working on completing a certification in that at the college. The process had to stop because it was taking up too many credits, and that was delaying the completion of my associate’s degree and the process to where I would have had to graduate a year later. I ended up taking a bunch of communication classes and fell in love with them. I’m thinking of a future career path, maybe pursuing something in psychology like my mother. That’s still something I’m considering.” 

School Was Never Easy

“Actually, growing up kindergarten through fourth grade, I didn’t know how to read. This set me back and away from the kids my age. I was also overweight at the time, so that kept me away from being in with the crowd, and me not being able to read like the others also set me back. For me to catch up with the rest of my peers, I didn’t participate in my PE classes because when the others were in PE, I was in the reading group with the grade behind me. My reading eventually caught up, but it was due to the after activities outside of school with Sylvan, private tutoring, and at home early morning sessions before school and evening study time. I have always had to work very hard for my grades. I never understood things or ideas without putting forth the hours into studying every possibility, and that would help me get the answer. As the years progressed with school, the material got harder, and that means more tutoring sessions. Every week I had 4-5 days of math tutoring outside of school and made sure whenever teachers offered their help after class, to stay behind and ask them questions to the problems that didn’t quite stick in the first place. In the running start program at the college, this meant tons of emails being sent back and forth to schedule individual time and became friends with the librarian (first name basis) due to me coming in and out so often waiting (personal individual study time) for my next class or study session to start.” 

She Is Focused

“I love to study. It was never hard for me to manage time with high school and college. School was always a priority for me. I never attended high school parties and made sure that before I went out that my school work was completed.” 

She Never Followed The Crowd

“I never really cared about popularity. I always made sure to recognize people who were left out because I remembered how it was like being on the outside before my weight loss. For sure, some of my classmates and acquaintances in my grade level didn’t necessarily like me because I was always able to fit in with the older kids due to being more mature personality-wise, physical appearance, and was advanced into harder classes because of my GPA.” 

From Pre-diabetic To The Stage

“Growing up, I was always that one kid out of the family, school, group who was overweight. As a kid, no one thinks much of it because it’s the little kid chub. I never lost the chub, and that lead my mom to take me to the doctors where I was borderline pre-diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This impacted me big time because I didn’t care that much about what people had to say when it came to bullies, but when the doctors explained everything to me at 9-years old, I decided to change. My parents got me a nutritionist and a personal trainer, and since then, I’ve been on my own educating myself. The last few months, I decided I wanted a challenge and more progress from my fitness life, so I decided that I will be competing in the fitness model division for the WPC on August 18th in Las Vegas.”

Her First Photoshoot

“My first photoshoot was in 2016, when I was 14 or 15 years old. It was through an acting/ modeling program. I loved being followed by the camera and getting all glammed up for the photoshoot. I felt like such a GIRLY GIRL, and I loved it!” 

What She Enjoys Most And Least

“I enjoy the glamming process and the actual photoshoot! The glamming process that takes place beforehand helps me to transform and get more into the mental state. The photoshoot allows me to be the center of attention, but it also helps me to step out of my comfort zone and to be free. Which is scary, but good. What I enjoy least is what I can not control…the weather.”

Capturing The Present And Letting Go Of The Past

“I have always been outgoing and was never afraid of being in front of the camera. The only time when I started to care about being captured in photos was when I reached my early teen years and forgot to put on mascara. I’m very fortunate to have both a caring mother and a caring father who saw the endless potential and the possibilities that’s followed for both their children. I also used to be obese and overweight, so when I lost the weight, I had become more comfortable and confident in myself. Thus me wanting to capture more of what was the present and move away from what was the past.” 

Incredible Mom And Dad

“My parents have always supported my sister and me with all our endeavors. They never had the concern of helping us to accomplish and achieve our goals. Just like any parent, they never want their children to lose sight of what they are in order to gain the attention of others. their concerns were more on the public eye and how they would respond and how we (sister and myself) would take the feedback. As I have had more experience with modeling, my parents have become more concerned with contracts and commitments that weren’t clearly stated in the beginning. My parents are my everything, and I appreciate their guidance and support throughout my journey in life. I know that they only want the best for me.” 

Fitness And Modeling Goals

“I want to continue to have fun, think positively, and never to settle when all it takes is the effort and time to push forward. Better to sacrifice a little now to see them more later. I want to be a role model for people and young girls that it’s okay to be feminine and embrace being a girly girl. That it is okay to be themselves and not mold into what others encourage. I want to portray the side that nowadays seems so distant: ‘with hard work, determination, and a strong head, the possibilities and potential are endless. No need to make easy money when it isn’t valued. Hard work and what follows afterward is what makes things have value over matter’.”

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