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Statuesque is a rarely-used word these days, but stepping gracefully from the shower at five foot eleven, or six foot four in heels and a dress, Gia Macool more than meets the criteria.  She is an exotic beauty with deep brown and captivating eyes, long silky hair, and a body as fit yet curvaceous as anyone could stand.  A man once said that she defines classic beauty, and I have to agree.  I’ve known her for a decade, and no matter what she is wearing or doing, she is incapable of looking anything short of breathtaking.

But there is far more to this woman than meets the eye.  She has character.  She is honest and strives for excellence in all she does.  Gia is loyal.  She is the kind that will see you through the rough times, and she treats people the same now that she has over two million followers as the day she did her first fitness photoshoot.  You and your choices are how Gia measures your place in her life, not what you can do for her or what you have done.  She has an uncommon work ethic investing twelve hours or more each day to her business.  That amount of hard work and the way she values and respects others, along with her consistency and tenacity, has resulted in a substantial and loyal following.  

Making a living is one thing.  Making a living in an honorable and caring way while being an outstanding example to others is a different matter.  It’s not a difficult thing for Gia because it how she naturally is.  She is just true to herself, her beautiful and courageous self.

She Started Young

“I actually modeled as a small child in a magazine at age 3. I was walking in a mall with my mom and someone approached her to have me featured but at the time my mom really didn’t want that path for me, so she tried to shield me from the industry and had me focus on other things after that one job. When my parents got divorced I moved in with my father and he was a push over so after much persuasion he allowed me to take acting classes and modeling classes from a well known school in my area. I always knew what I wanted to do.  I  had a vision even as a young child. 

I traveled back and forth to NY for auditions for years but never made The cut, and it wasn’t until my 20’s that I was asked to do a shoot locally. One of my pics was posted Model mayhem and a a photographer noticed it, and contacted me to shoot. 

I didn’t know the photos would be submitted. I just thought it was a fun shoot. A month later I was put in three covers of a internationally known magazine. That is what started my career in modeling. I got very busy at that point and it became a career.” 

About Longevity

“There are always new faces in the world of modeling. You cannot as a model rely on your look alone Long term. You must use modeling as a stepping stone to branch off into other brands such as products of your own. You gotta find your niche and tell your story to those who can relate so you can inspire. Everyone has a unique story but first you must believe in yourself enough to tell it.” 

About Fitness

“Fitness is a big part of my lifestyle. It’s bigger than just staying in shape. It teaches commitment, dedication and perseverance. It was just another side of me that I wanted to share with those who were on their own journey. I’ve always been a grinder. Had several jobs. One of my jobs was managing a ladies gym. I found myself in a bodybuilding show one day while promoting the gym. I fell in love with the bikini show on stage, I knew I wanted to do that once I saw it. While there, I entered into a model search for Vitrix. That kinda started my path into fitness modeling.” 

Professional Athlete In Two Organizations

“Started competing in 2009, and stopped competing in 2016.  I got my Wbff pro in 2012 than Ifbb pro in 2015. Bikini Tall obviously 😉” 

Why Her Fans Are So Loyal

“Kindness and being genuine is a big part of it. Make sure everyday you show character and heart. That can be very hard modeling now in the virtual world. But I believe if you give back it will show in the long run.” 

Work Ethic

“Daily I’m working from 7am to sometimes midnight. I really don’t take time off except if I’m sick which isn’t often.”

Three Things We Didn’t Know

“Many don’t know I do all my own photography edits, and Video editing work. I love writing and blogging as well! Love public speaking and being a spokesmodel. I also would love to do a book at some point.

I’m clumsy and quiet silly at times as well!” 

What’s Next

“I’m working a lot on the launch of my new CFit app. This will has recipes, nutrition and workout programs for every walk of life but also those looking to get on stage. 

I’m working on my YouTube channel CoolFit Tv and upcoming podcast as well.” 

That Statuesque Thing

“I’m 5’11, 6’4 in heels tho 🤪”

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