Supermodel Gia Macool Talks About What’s Next

Gia Macool and I go back over a decade.  Modeling had caught her attention, and she was interested in being part of a model team I was managing at the time.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Gia has masterfully directed her brand with a level of purpose, expertise, and focus that is rare, and the results are evident in her millions of followers.  But more importantly, I think, is the reputation she has earned and the resulting market position she has won.  Gia never chased the money, she pursued her passion for modeling and connecting with people in a meaningful way and in doing so, has become so much more than another beautiful girl in a picture. 

Gia joins us for this show to talk about the journey and the exciting new direction she is about to add to her brand.

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Photo by LHGFX Courtesy Gia Macool


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