Shooting Jessica Waller

There’s a lot about Jessica Waller that her pictures don’t reveal. She is a mother of three young boys. After the birth of her son she was out of shape and had neglected her fitness so she buckled down and transformed her body and life into something far more healthy. She is a career woman in a field traditionally dominated by men, and she has flourished there. Her native American and Italian heritage are responsible for her exotic beauty, yet she is humble and down-to-earth and a wonderful person to spend time with and photograph.

I assumed she was a veteran model, but she was seventeen years old the last time Jessica did work in front of the camera. We did this shoot for Blessed Bodywear featuring their new Vixen Squatpants in the starburst print and Halter Sports Bra with Mesh. Once we got underway, Jessica settled in and went to work. After a few frames, we started pushing her out of her comfort zone to get some different looks, and she responded without hesitation.

Ana Tigre, the owner, and designer of Blessed Bodywear, was thrilled with the images and hopes to work with Jessica again soon.

Jessica is excited to push the envelope by doing other kinds of modeling next time, and after this shoot, I am confident she will produce some exceptional images.

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