Ana De La O In Modlbody Magazine Issue Two

I built an entire fitness photography career, oddly enough, by telling stories. Sure, I snapped a photo or two along the way and had the tremendous honor of having many of them published in the world’s top fitness magazines; but it was the storytelling that stole my heart. I put that chapter of my life in the rearview mirror almost a decade ago, but the ache to tell a worthwhile tale that runs the risk of making someone’s day better is stronger now than it’s ever been.

I have my website, and I’ve committed to filling the tank more often than I have been doing, but some stories need to be laid out in a magazine format for them to live up to their full potential.

Sadly, print magazines have gone the way of VCR tapes, horse-drawn carriages, and responsible journalism – they are all but extinct. But digital magazines – now that’s a whole different story. They are published on the internet, so anyone on earth with a device connected to the web can read them. I’ve owned and published three of them in the past five years, and even the slowest one had more readers each month than the top fitness magazines I worked for back in the day.

Thanks to my wife Ana Tigre, my biggest fan, my best model, and a woman that is only capable of telling me the truth no matter how much it stings, I am about to launch Modlbody Magazine in November. She figures I will do a proper job of throwing it together, so I am going for it.

This young lady is Ana De La O. She is from Mexico, now living in America, and is incredibly beautiful. But her character is perhaps the most appealing element of all that she is. I can’t wait to tell a story about her, about her family, the place she comes from, and the people that raised her. She is a throwback to another time when things that mattered to folks like manners, kindness, and thinking of others ruled the day. Things that sadly don’t matter as much anymore. An hour with her is time well spent. Every photoshoot we do, I see where I come up short, and she inspires me to be better at everything. She does her father and her family proud with every breath she takes.

I’m going to tell you about her in issue one. It will come out soon. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

I hope you enjoy it.

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