Nicole Castiglioni – Simply Wonderful

Some people just have you at Hello.

Ana Tigre was busily managing her Blessed Bodywear booth at a Natural Bodybuilding Contest when Nicole Castiglioni approached her. She visited politely for a moment then with all the courage she could muster she asked Ana about modeling for Blessed Bodywear.

Confidence is a great thing, much better and far more powerful when it’s balanced with humility, kindness, honesty and good manners. Nicole made an impression on Ana during that brief visit, and we started working with her last year.

Nicole is still that sweet and humble girl, but we can add hard working and tough to her description. Long days in cold water, cold weather and windy don’t diminish her smile or positivity one iota. She is growing more confident now that she has seen a taste of what we see in her as a model, but her character, built on the rock of strong family values, remains the same. Every second spent with her is wonderful.

Most would logically assume that modeling is about presenting a person’s physical attributes. To a degree, that is true, but the human connection catalyzed by one’s personality and character play the greater role in creating something fascinating, in my opinion.

Nicole Castiglioni is a beautiful person, inside and out.
“Yes, born and raised just outside of San Diego”

“I’m a little of both. I grew up tomboy so I’m tough as nails..but don’t get me wrong I do have the girly side that loves sparkly and frilly things.”

“I’m an Imaging Specialist. I work for a high volume of diagnostic mammography center screening patients for breast cancer. I got into it because my mom had breast cancer when I was a child and then again as an adult. Now it’s my mission to help other women.”

“I’m not a model, so I don’t have much experience. If I could choose I wish I could be a fitness model. Don’t get me wrong I love to compete. I love the challenge it brings and all the bling on stage, especially the bikinis. But modeling is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.”

“I couldn’t tell you when it happened. Jimmy was very persistent. I didn’t want anything to do with him at first but he eventually won me over, and that was 14 years ago.”


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